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Tailored for you, the athlete.

Whether you’re a golfer or a football player any repetitive movements if untreated can cause pain, inflammation, lack of mobility, and ultimately loss in performance. Sports massage is the tailoring of treatment for each athlete’s individual needs. With sports massage you’ll increase range and mobility, alleviate the aches and pains brought on by your sport, and perhaps bring you to levels of performance you have not achieved with your current training regimen.

Just as a proper diet should be a part of every athlete’s training, so should be sports massage and mobility work.

The Theragun

This is an amazing piece of equipment and has enhanced the tissue release of fascia and muscles surrounding skeletal structure. This has made a profound impact on our clients here at Intuitions and with myself. Dawn, Alyssa and Amber all utilize the Theragun in therapeutic sessions.

Therapists who provide this technique:

Dawn Fahey

Dawn Fahey


Dawn started Intuitions in 2002 and has continued to successfully grow and serve the greater Lehigh Valley.

Jonathan Gorsky

Jonathan Gorsky

Licensed Massage Therapist

Jonathan Gorsky is a Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in the effects of injury, trauma, and chronic pain in the body.