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John has been a great help during my rehab, I have made tremendous improvements since my first appt- I was seeing him twice a week for months- I don’t have those headaches anymore thanks to him and my stretching exercises. John is a fabulous therapist and I look forward to booking again. My husband is also a client, and speaks volumes about John. Thank you for your follow up, your new facility is gorgeous and I look forward to visiting when we are finished with Feb travel. Blessings and Thanks.


I've been going to Dawn for a year now. As a competitive amateur golfer, my body takes a beating, especially my back. She does amazing work and I could not have performed at my best without her, but one of the best parts about working with Intuitions is their desire to educate clients on how to help themselves between sessions. Dawn has shared her knowledge and experience with me so I can work on myself as well - things like proper stretching, strength training and flexibility. ¿I'm in my mid-40s and the partnership with Dawn and her team has helped me feel my best and perform at a higher level than I ever thought possible. Thank you.

Jason Wilson

My experience having Jonathan as a massage therapist has been wonderful. He is always very professional with his advice on how to get the most out of my massage (in between visits) by offering tips on wellness. He has a positive outlook, giving energy on a spiritual level that has made my experience above average.

Anita Petito

Dawn customizes each bodywork session to my personal needs and always succeeds in getting me to a good place. Her ashiatsu treatments are unique and very effective. Intuitions has become a little oasis in the world for me. I look forward to my appointments in the wonderful atmosphere of the massage studio. I always leave refreshed and energized or peaceful and calm and always a lot better than when I walked in!

I recently had my first massage from Amber and I was extremely pleased. She asked me several questions to understand my needs and any past muscular/back issues. Her massage technique is wonderful. What I enjoyed the most was her attention to my arms and especially my hands. She spent more time in these areas than any other massage therapist that I have experienced. She is a great addition to Dawn's staff and I highly recommend her.

Dawn is a wonderful and talented massage therapist who truly takes the time to know her clients. She asks a lot of great questions that provides her with the insight into her clients' needs. She makes you feel like you are her only client with her attention to detail. Her mastery of Ashiatsu massage is incredible. She uses the perfect mixture of pressure, balance, and weight distribution with her feet to give the most relaxing and therapeutic massage. I highly recommend Dawn for your next massage...you will not be disappointed.

As an athlete, I've been a frequent flier on the massage table for years. Until recently, I never seemed to nail down a consistent therapist. I always seemed underwhelmed with service, quality and/or atmosphere. Intuitions is the first location I've found that has impressed me in all three arenas of care. I've been working with Intuitions since June of 2010. Intuitions has been instrumental in getting me through the most grueling and injury-ridden season of my athletic career. Intuitions is knowledgeable and professional. The therapists at Intuitions encompass a unique and pervasive approach to massage, and their facility is private, quiet and clean. I would recommend Intuition's services to anyone in need of therapeutic massage.

Janis Greim

I have been going to Intuitions for massage therapy for the better part of eight years. As recreational athlete I have found that deep tissue sports massage is a critical component to my training for triathlons. Having just completed my third Ironman triathlon in November 2010, I can say with confidence that the benefits of massage therapy were critical to my personal best performance. With an average of 20hrs week spent training for these long distance races, the key to a good race is getting to the starting line injury free. The combination massage (regular and Ashiatsu) seems to work best for me to work on trouble spots where my body retains lactic acid and stress. The therapists at Intuitions are top notch and really know how to find the trouble spots and work out the knots. I highly recommend athletes and anyone dealing with stress to try massage therapy. You do get sore after a massage, so I like to do an easy swim workout to keep the blood flowing and speed up the recovery time.

Andrew Hudson

I am an athlete and my sessions with Intuitions keeps me on the court. Many years of athletics have taken their toll on my body. Dawn got to know my problem areas so well that she helps me stay as injury free as possible.

Amy Beans

There is so much to say when raving about Intuitions. It's the only place that after getting a massage, a real and professional one at that, I feel great and better than ever before. It is so worth making an appointment on a regular basis because this isn't your typical run of the mill therapeutic massage facility. It's quality and quantity. Who has time or money for anything else? I recommend them to anyone that complains about needing a good massage. It starts out the same each time, "I know the perfect place and people who will take care of you......."

Katy Yenawine

I am on my feet all day at work and do mostly fine work with my hands which has caused me quite a bit of pain. Several years ago I met Dawn at Intuitions and she has changed my life. I see Dawn once a month religiously for what is known as a half and half massage. Yes, my arms and hand are much better and the pain has lessoned and some weeks I don't have pain at all. More than that, Dawn has helped my entire body. I have less pain from working out and she taught me how to completely relax and go to another place. (As a type A personality I have not been very good at that) I have tried the other therapists at Intuitions only to find that they are consistently educated and talented on massage and body. I have only had great experiences and look forward to every appointment. I recommend Intuitions to all my patients and even have the brochure on my desk for everyone to see.

Jennifer Anllo
Medical Esthetician

I have used weekly, Dawn's expert massage services for the past three years and find the quality and consistency of her services to be exemplary. She is truly a master at her profession and I have recommended numerous clients.

Stan Wax