Jonathan Gorsky

Licensed Massage Therapist

Jonathan Gorsky is a Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in the effects of injury, trauma, and chronic pain in the body.

Originally trained in Santa Cruz, California, at Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts, Jonathan’s specialized practice brings a deep studied knowledge of the body together with an appreciation for the impact of the mind and perception of our own ability to heal.

He has additional training in Craniosacral Therapy, Active Release Technique, Myofascial Release, Structural Integration, Sports massage, and Ayurvedic bodywork.

Jonathan’s 20 years experience along with many and diverse skills are combined into powerful sessions dedicated to helping people find depth and meaning in their own healing experience. Jonathan’s sessions are a mix of manual intervention and movement exploration centered on supporting the client’s realization of their emotional, mental, and physical health.

Johnathan is a rare talent. He has such a thorough understanding of the human body and does not underestimate the impact of the body-mind connection when it comes to pain and healing. As a competitive athlete, I’m very critical of massage – technique, professionalism, results. He has all three and then some. In addition, his naturally calm and positive demeaor is simply a pleasure to be around. The entire staff at Intuitions is really magnificant, but I often work with Johnathan because of the specific benefits I’ve felt from ART. I would recommend him highly.