Jennifer Csordas

Yoga Instructor

Jennifer Csordas is a military wife and mom of four amazing children. She works full time as a Business Development Manager supporting, training and encouraging entrepreneurs to build a business of their dreams. Jenn teaches yoga and mindfulness to children in the Lehigh Valley, particularly in school settings and at local studios, as it is her heart work to empower them with the tools to be their best selves. Her own entrepreneurial dream is to open a facility where alternative therapies; art, music, writing and creative movement, are provided for children on an outpatient basis. She believes whole-heartedly in the concept that it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults. 

“The school of life is about learning. Your most important lesson in this lifetime is to be love. No matter what. The shortfall of not heeding this lessons chaos and confusion. So be a good student, and know you are also the teacher.” -Yogi Bhajan