I have been going to Intuitions for massage therapy for the better part of eight years. As recreational athlete I have found that deep tissue sports massage is a critical component to my training for triathlons. Having just completed my third Ironman triathlon in November 2010, I can say with confidence that the benefits of massage therapy were critical to my personal best performance. With an average of 20hrs week spent training for these long distance races, the key to a good race is getting to the starting line injury free. The combination massage (regular and Ashiatsu) seems to work best for me to work on trouble spots where my body retains lactic acid and stress. The therapists at Intuitions are top notch and really know how to find the trouble spots and work out the knots. I highly recommend athletes and anyone dealing with stress to try massage therapy. You do get sore after a massage, so I like to do an easy swim workout to keep the blood flowing and speed up the recovery time.