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Explore ancient alternative medicine.

Cupping therapy is an ancient for of alternative medicine where cups are placed onto the body to create suction. This type of therapy allows you to get deep into the muscles, and relieve tension with virtually no discomfort to the client. Cupping uses “negative pressure” instead of tissue compression, which pulls the skin, muscle and connective tissues upward, to break up adhesions more easily, and increases blood circulation. It also helps to drain old lymph, toxins, and stagnant blood by opening up the lymphatic pathways. With the excess fluids cleared and the new blood circulating, this helps to promote healing and increase range of motion to the area. Cupping is a great way to get deep tissue work, but because it sedates the nervous system, I can be quite relaxing as well. It is a very versatile technique, and can be modified to accommodate each clients needs. Whether you want a relaxing detox, or have a chronic muscular issue you need worked out, cupping is a wonderful modality to try!

Therapists who provide this technique:

Dawn Fahey

Dawn Fahey


Dawn started Intuitions in 2002 and has continued to successfully grow and serve the greater Lehigh Valley.