Now a distributor of Magnitude Jewelry to combate EMFs

At Intuitions Integrated Wellness, we know that our environment has a enormous impact on our health and mental wellness.  This includes modern technology.  We are SOOO EXCITED to now be a distributor for Magnitude Jewelry!  Magnetude Jewelry is a bio-magnetic interchangeable fashion jewelry, a collaboration of Dr. Tracey Diner DC, and artist Candice Loren. It was designed with both your health and beauty in mind. EMFs have been around for a while but as technology becomes more prevalent and important, EMFs are starting to make a big impact.  Wearing a piece of Magnitude Jewelry can help by deflecting the EMFs.

Shown in the image above, you can see EMF’s are everywhere especially RIGHT NOW, during a high increase in homeschooling and staying at home.

Our body is electric, made up of billions of molecules that form our cells and tissue. These cells and tissues have an electric charge which can be measured as an electric voltage. Our organs such as our heart, brain and nervous system are also electric in nature. When a heart dies we “charge” it with an electric defibrillator, we measure our brain activity with an EEG (electroencephalogram) and to measure nervous system function in our extremities we use a nerve conduction test to measure the electrical strength. The voltage of cells gives a precise “snapshot” diagnosis of how healthy and how well the cells are functioning. In other words, the cell’s voltage is simply an electrical measurement of its health. Cells that measure in the higher voltage range are healthy and with good immune function. Cells that measure in the low voltage range are dysfunctioning and can be attributed to people who are ill with poor immune functions and/or chronic medical conditions.

The answer to overcoming poor health from EMF is to increase the body’s cellular vitality by increasing the cellular voltage. 

On the left, you see a Rouleau patten of RBCs (red blood cells) of a person with hypersensitivity to EMFs. Poor nutrition, oxygen and CO2 transfer with cells. Person is very sick with malabsorption.

On the right, Rouleau pattern is gone with 4 days of magnetic therapy. RBCs function is much improved, nutrition and cellular detox increase as health starts to improve.

If you are living on the planet, you are living in a sean of EMF’s and it will only increase as technology increases.  Everyone should consider some form of protection!

Here is how you can purchase a piece of protection:

GO TO: www.magnetudejewelry.com/Dawn1

Picking your jewelry
1. Pick a base that can be a bracelet, necklace, earring or the ATLAS which acts like a pin so place under clothes or on top.  For children I suggest the simple necklace or ATLAS.

2. Pick a tude that goes into your base.  You can change the piece out if you wish or keep the same.