Amber Mitchell

Licensed Massage Therapist

I believe in overall wellness, from the inside out- mind, body and spirit. I focus on an integrative approach encompassing all the different modalities that I have learned over the years to fit each individual client’s needs that session. I specialize in stretching, John F. Barnes Myofascial Release, Deep tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy. My passion for the body started at an early age as an athlete. Why was I getting injured? Where was my weakness? Why am I dealing with discomfort everyday? Where were my compensation patterns? My interest first led me down the path of Physical Therapy but quickly changed; that is when Massage Therapy crossed my path. Focusing on the body as a whole- now that was a fit for me.Since graduating in 2008, I have worked with chronic and acute pain helping to alleviate discomfort in my clients bodies to enable a higher quality of life. THAT is my overall goal each session; I hope to facilitate just that- the highest quality of life one can have. I am truly honored to have the opportunity to be a part of a person’s healing journey. I want to bring a sense of calm to the stresses of life and look forward to meeting each new client that comes in!